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French-Albertan Pioneers

I have recently spent many hours studying the French Canadian Lamoureux family. Louis Lamoureux, my 9X Great Grandfather came from France to Quebec in about 1663. I have been able to use church records to trace my family back through the generations to this original immigrant ancestor. The Tanguay Collection, a compiled genealogy has also been helpful in verifying that I am on the right track. The French church records are so detailed and readily available, that it makes French Candian reserach a dream. When I have had trouble reading a name, it can usually be clarified by finding records for other family members. For example, when I had trouble reading one of the parent’s names in a marriage record, I was able to see it in a baptism record of one of their grandchildren, because they were named as godparents, and their family relationship was also stated.

A Lamoureux family photo from my great-grandmother's collection.

Not only did the Lamoureux family expand in many areas of Quebec, they were early immigrants to Alberta, where they founded the town of Lamoureux, near Fort Saskatchewan. Early settlers, Frank and Joseph Lamoureux were involved in many business ventures, as well as the local government and the church. There is a large collection of Lamoureux family photos, family trees and even a tape recorded interview in the collection of the Provincial Archives of Alberta. Jackpot! I spent a day sorting through all of this, and am still waiting for the recording to be duplicated so that I am able to listen to it, as the original is too fragile.

The Lamoueux family was very prolific, and hence when the mother of my dauhter’s best friend told me Lamoureux was one of her family names as well, I assumed her roots were also in the town of Lamoureux, Alberta. She, however, was born in Quebec, and doubted we were related. So a few weeks ago, she came to my house and we hashed it all out. We were indeed related... barely! Our tree split very near the top, and we calculated our relationship to be 9th cousins, once removed, making the two best friends 10th cousins, once removed. Hardly a close relationshp, but it fascinates me that we were able to make a determination from so far back, so quickly. It makes you wonder how many other unknown family relationships we have with our friends and neighbours!

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