professional genealogical research

You may simply need a document retrieved from a local archive, or perhaps you need in-depth research and analysis done on your family tree or DNA results.  You may like to do the research yourself and just need a little advice, or you may not have the time to do your own research at all and prefer to leave it to me.  We can discuss your specific needs, based on your goals and budget. 

When your research is complete, you can expect a report of my findings, copies of documents when possible, and a full citation to the consulted sources. I can't promise success in every search (sometimes documents were lost, or never made in the first place), but I will still provide you with a report of what was searched and make suggestions for what to do next.  Each case is a little different in scope and requirements, so contact me for specific information and cost. I look forward to hearing from you!


Family histories & Research

I charge a 10-hour Consultation fee to review your previous research and documents, and to create a Research Plan to reach your current research goal. Some clients take the Plan, and perform their own research, while others hire me to perform the research outlined in the Plan. I specialize in Canadian and Irish research. I have basic French, and can read common genealogy documents in French as well as English.  If you require research outside of my areas of specialty, please contact me and I will assess if I would be able to assist you. New research problems are a great way for me to expand my areas of expertise, so I welcome your requests.


DNA Analysis


DNA tests for genealogical purposes have become commonplace, and are necessary to consider in order to have conducted reasonably exhaustive research into many problems. Many clients have taken a DNA test, have received hundreds of family matches, but are uncertain of how they can use the results to solve genealogical problems. I can advise you as to what tests are appropriate for your particular research question, and I can do an analysis of your results as they relate to your research problem. A combination of traditional paper research, coupled with DNA testing can be used to break down genealogical brick walls, especially in the situation of an unknown parent or ancestor.

Ireland visit Research & plans


Planning an Irish vacation, but need to learn more about your family tree first? Many clients fail to adequately research in North America before they try to cross the pond, meaning that they miss vital clues about where in Ireland their ancestor came from. Sometimes they make assumptions based on very common names and risk following the wrong family. I can work on both your North American and/or Irish research before you travel. I lived and researched in Dublin for three months in 2012, and have returned three times since to do genealogy research. If you have time to do some of your own research during your trip, I can create a Research Plan for you to follow, so that you can make the most of your precious holiday time on the Emerald Isle.

House histories


If walls could talk, Edmonton's houses would have some interesting stories to tell!  If you are interested in the history of your home or the lot your house is on, I can research it and its former owners.

Organization & Scanning


If you are local to the Edmonton area, I can help you digitize and organize both your paper and electronic documents and photos. I can create or add these items to your family tree so that you can share them with your family near and far.

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