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Archives at King's University

Today I was pleased to visit Edmonton’s King’s University for the first time. They were offering a free lecture by presenter Shannon Cherkowski on genealogy websites. Although I spend a lot of time each day navigating genealogy websites, I was still able to learn some new things from Shannon and connect with a few genealogy friends, resulting in a great afternoon. But the major impetus behind my attendance was the chance to see the Gerry Segger Heritage Collection, which opened just over a year ago at the Kings’ library. Although I have researched in the University of Alberta’s collection, I did not consider that King’s library might also hold material of genealogical relevance. Their collection is small but growing, and focuses on Dutch-Canadian history as well as the Dutch and German Reformed churches in Canada. They are looking for donations of materials from these areas so spread the word if you know someone looking for a good home for their Dutch-Canadian family history items.

The archive is open to researchers by appointment and is located at The King’s University at 9125-50 Street, Edmonton.

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