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Advanced DNA Practicum

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

I just handed in my last assignment for the All-DNA Advanced Evidence Analysis Practicum course, offered through the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG). SLIG is one of the three big genealogical institutes held each year, that teach advanced classes where professionals and non-professionals alike can learn new techniques and advance their skills. I have never been able to attend one of the institutes before- they are usually offered for one week straight, are highly competitive to get into, and all take place in the U.S.

With COVID, I heard that some of the SLIG courses were being offered virtually and I was so excited to try to get into one. I was thrilled to be accepted to take the DNA Practicum, since DNA work is increasingly in demand. The practicum took five weeks, and I put a lot of time into the assignments to make sure that I could get the most out of them. I learned a lot working through real case studies, especially about how to best present DNA research, and how best to integrate DNA and documentary research into a report. I don’t do much U.S. research, but this practicum also gave me five weeks of intensive work in U.S. records which no doubt, will also be valuable to me.

I also successfully registered in a SLIG Academy for Professionals class called “Fundamentals of Forensic Genealogy,” which I look forward to starting in February.


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