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FamilySearch Indexing Event

October 20 to 22 is FamilySearch’s Worldwide Indexing Event. This is one weekend a year, where FamilySearch, the digitizer and provider of free genealogy records, encourages everyone to do some indexing for them. If you use FamilySearch’s digitized microfilms, as great as they are, I’m sure you agree that they are even more valuable when someone has painstakingly indexed them. The point of the indexing blitz is to encourage everyone to give back, and index at least a few records. If everyone does a little bit, we can jump forward a huge amount in just a weekend on a number of projects. And, I imagine they are hoping that some of us will continue to index for them throughout the year. (Indexing can become a bit addictive.)

I have only done a very small amount of indexing for FamilySearch. Most of my indexing experience in the past has been with Automated Genealogy and BillionGraves. And I am not at all affiliated with FamilySearch or the Church of Latter Day Saints. However, I am a big fan of FamilySearch and the assistance they provide to all genealogists- for free! So far, almost 20,000 volunteers have pledged to do a bit of indexing on this weekend, and I intend to add my name to the list.

You don’t need to leave the comfort of your home to take part in this indexing blitz- you just need a computer and Internet connection. Indexing for FamilySearch used to require installing special software on your computer, but they are now moving to an online-only indexing system. They provide a lot of support and how-to information. And you can usually pick the type of records you index, depending on what records you are best at reading, or languages you speak, and you can pick the difficulty level based on your skills. Your work is reviewed by a more seasoned indexer, so if you aren’t sure of something, or make a mistake, they will likely catch it. So, there is really no downside to signing up, and the next time you use FamilySearch and benefit from their fantastic offerings, you’ll know you’ve done a small part to contribute to it.

For more information and to sign up:

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