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Upcoming Genealogy class Nov. 4th

The Edmonton branch of the Alberta Genealogical Society is hosting a workshop on November 4th entitled Introduction to Research. Students who are new to genealogy or who would like to improve the quality of their work, will learn about researching in libraries, archives and online. Students will be introduced to the great research resources available at the AGS library. Census research will also be covered in depth, with tips and tricks to help you get every clue possible from these valuable records.

This is a workshop, and students can bring laptops and questions from their own work that are related to the workshop topics.

Full Disclosure: I coordinate these classes, so I think they are pretty great. The instructors for the November class are John Althouse, Marion Rex and Arlene Borgstede, all excellent and experienced genealogists and speakers.

Visit the AGS website to register for this and other courses in the Tracing your Family Tree series.

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