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Beginner DNA Course for Genealogy

From Genes to Family Trees: Maxing your DNA Results course

Have you taken a DNA test, but struggle to do anything with your results? Have you sat through other DNA webinars, but failed to apply the lessons to further your own research? Or do you feel like you just need a living, breathing person to look at your results and make sure you’re on the right track?

Then this DNA workshop is for you!

This beginner DNA course for genealogy is meant for people not necessarily new to genealogy, but those who want to use their DNA results to try to confirm their traditional family tree research.


Our next workshop is running in February 2024, with a participant-to-instructor ratio of 5 to 1! A maximum of 15 participants to 3 instructors gives us the ability to provide real help, relevant to your specific questions.


An instructor will meet one-on-one via Zoom with each participant for 20 minutes at a mutually convenient time, prior to the group classes beginning. This will allow us to have a look at your personal AncestryDNA® results, deal with any potential technology issues, and to make sure housekeeping details are dealt with, such as making sure your AncestryDNA® kit is correctly linked to your family tree.[1] You’ll also be able to tell us a bit about your personal goals, and to ask questions. This will help us target the class to the materials most relevant to you and the other participants.


The group classes will be held on three consecutive Tuesdays. While there will be different presentations for you to watch, this isn’t just passive learning! There will be break-out rooms with a small group & one instructor,  to facilitate getting extra help and asking questions, and there will be weekly homework assignments so that you are actually challenged to apply the techniques you learn in class to confirm your family tree using your DNA results.


The 3-class workshop will be held on Zoom at the following times:

13 February 2024 11 AM to 1PM MST

20 February 2024 11 AM to 1PM MST

27 February 2024 11 AM to 1 PM MST


If you have to miss a class, let us know. Most lectures can be recorded for you to catch up on.


The workshop fee is $150 Canadian. To register visit our event page!


Questions? Check out the FAQ on our event page, or email us at


Our three instructors are professional genealogists, working with both traditional and genetic genealogy. Want to learn more about us? Check out the profiles below:


Connie Davis, BSN, MN, RN, a nurse and genealogist, combines her passion for family history with her enthusiasm to support people through the journey of discovering their unique past. Connie earned a certificate in Family History and Genealogy from the University of Washington in 1999 and has spent decades visiting archives, libraries, and cemeteries in search of ancestors in Canada and the United States. Connie completed ProGen 46 and has focused her client work and education on genetic genealogy, including I4GG and Advanced Genetic Genealogy and is a Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience practitioner. Connie is a DNA coach at Your DNA Guide. 


Colleen Murray, BCom, PLCGS is a professional genealogist from Edmonton, Alberta. She received her Professional Learning Certificate in Genealogical Studies from the International Institute for Genealogical Studies in 2015, specializing in Canadian and Irish records, and has been accepting clients ever since. She completed ProGen 26 in 2016, and has since taken three intensive institute courses, including SLIG’s All-DNA Advanced Evidence Analysis Practicum. In addition to private client work, her recent projects include teaching a three-week genealogy course for the Edmonton Lifelong Learners Association, revising an Irish land course for the International Institute for Genealogical Studies, and consulting for the Alberta Office of the Public Trustee. Colleen enjoys using DNA evidence to help answer genealogical questions. 


Marie Palmer is a professional genealogist, speaker, and writer based in British Columbia. Her expertise is in United Kingdom and genetic genealogy research and she is passionate about helping others share the stories of their ancestors through writing and fun technologies such as Google Earth Pro. In addition to a Master of Science in Information Science and Library Management, Marie holds bachelor degrees in Education and Engineering, a Certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University, was co-chair of her ProGen 40 study group, and has completed a number of advanced DNA courses and practicums. Marie has taught extensively over the past twenty years, has worked for Legacy Tree Genealogists, and recently taught a multi-week course at the Applied Genealogy Institute.






[1] The instructors are not affiliated in any way with AncestryDNA®.


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