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Starting off right

Many of us do genealogy for the thrill of the hunt. Sometimes that means we aren't as careful in documentation and organization as we should be, especially when we are just starting out as genealogists. Sometimes it is years before we realize that we have been doing a poor job organizing our work, and we have to start all over again doing things properly! (Yes, I have been there.) I can't suggest strongly enough that you try to avoid this pitfall by putting some time in at the beginning to set things up in a thoughtful manner.

In order to assist you, the Edmonton branch of the Alberta Genealogical Society has an upcoming workshop on the topics of how to organize your research both on paper and on the computer. Check out their website with all the registration details: Edmonton AGS

Full Disclosure: I am the Genealogical Courses Coordinator for Edmonton branch, so I coordinate this & their other courses. So I may be a little biased, but still I highly recommend you check it out!

Date: September 30th

Time 10am to 3pm

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