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Speaking engagement

Tomorrow night, I am excited to be speaking to the Postscripts Special Interest Group at the Alberta Genealogical Society’s Edmonton branch. My topic is “House Histories: Researching & writing up the history of your family home.” For those who think there is nothing interesting to research regarding their home, or who live in a new home, I encourage them to consider researching the lot their house is on, or researching a previous home they lived in as a child, or an ancestral home. I certainly enjoyed researching my own house lot, even though my house is new, and learning more about my community at the same time. My research led me to connect with neighbours who provided me with photos of the previous home on my lot, and that documented the demolition of the old and building of the new home. I discovered (as described in a previous blog post) that I had relatives who had lived on my lot seventy years previously!

I look forward to seeing AGS members tomorrow night at the Postscripts meeting!

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