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Summer Graveyard Visits

If you live in a winter city like I do, you'll find that cemeteries are barely accessible for much of the year. So July is a great time to get out and visit them - especially in the morning or evening when it's not too hot. Here's the belated report of my tour of Edmonton Cemetery. It was organized as part of the Edmonton & District Historical Society "Door's Open" event which ran July 3-10.

As you can see, it was a beautiful night for a walk in the graveyard. The tour guide told interesting stories relating to some of the graves, and showed us the resting place of several famous Edmontonians.

Not part of the tour, but of interest to me, I found the marker for Dr. Norman & Dorothy Terwillegar. Their home still stands in the architectural heritage area of Westmount, Edmonton.

For anyone interested, the City of Edmonton runs tours throughout the year at their various cemeteries.

More recently, my mother, daughter and I decided to do a day trip out to the town of Lamoureux, Alberta. Our French-Canadian ancestors were founders in this town, and we wanted to visit their beautiful cemetery.

Enjoy your summer everyone! And if you can incorporate a cemetery visit into your holiday plans, you can enjoy their beauty, while also honouring those who came before us at the same time.

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