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Basketball: Update

In my previous post, I mused about my grandmother's team's basketball trophy and what may have happened to it. Upon contacting the Edmonton Public Schools Archives and Museum again, I received a long list of the trophies in their collection, leading me to the description of a shield that seemed to fit the bill. Here it is, and yes, it appears to be a match for the sheild that the Queen's Avenue school team won twice in 1928 and 1929.

It's fascinating that something probably long forgotten by the world, though once very important to an ancestor, can be found just waiting for us to discover again. Aren't archives amazing?

I took a different path today walking my dog in my "new-to-me" neighbourhood of Westmount, and I came upon a park dedicated to the Edmonton Grads basketball team. It seemed quite fitting as I prepared this update to my basketball post!

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