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Final day of #AGS2015

I'm a few days late in blogging about our final day at #AGS2015- I guess I was still in recovery mode!

Our plenary session was a lecture about Immigration by Glenn Wright. Other than for my Peter Robinson Settler ancestors, immigration records are something I have not had great success with, so Glenn had some good tips, especially about using newspaper testimonials that may prove successful for me where traditional lists have not. Put that on the to-do list!

There were several sessions that I wanted to go to today, so hard choices had to be made. I ultimately decided to see two of Gena Philibert-Ortega's lectures- one about her time spend working on the Genealogy Road Show (which I found fascinating!) and the other being a case study about Martha Proby, the author of a historical book that Gena was tracing. It was good for me to follow the thought processes that Gena went through in her searches, and again, I felt inspired to dig deeper myself.

I had been looking forward all weekend to Tim Marriott's lecture on Edmonton's Story- Routes and Roots. Tim sure knows a lot about Edmonton history, and though the time frame he mostly spoke of pre-dated my ancestor's arrival in Edmonton, it was really interesting to hear him explain how Edmonton came to be located here (and, of course, why we are better than Calgary!)

The very best part of the weekend was probably that I met quite a few other researchers, including some that I follow on twitter but have never met face to face. Now I have a booklet that is over 100 pages from the conference that I need to review - for lectures I attended and for those I missed, so I can squeeze every last bit of information out while it's all fresh in my mind.

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