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Learning about DNA

It’s a snowy day in Edmonton, and even though I do have to venture out to the Land Titles office to pick up some information for my house history, I decided it was a great morning to stay home and do some professional development. Luckily for me, the Association of Professional Genealogists has recorded and offered online several of their lectures from last month’s Professional Management Conference in Salt Lake City. For those of us living far away, it is fabulous to still be able to access top level lectures and workshops from some of the best genealogists in the business.

Today I watched Angie Bush’s presentation on DNA and Genealogical Proof. I have taken a DNA class through the National Institute for Genealogical Studies, and I’ve tested DNA through Family Tree DNA. I’ve tried to educate myself through webinars, reading articles from magazines and online, and following online forums, but still, DNA research is very complicated and an area I want to learn more about. Angie Bush’s lecture covered some basics I was aware of, but also went further into the heart of using DNA analysis and just what it is and isn’t proof of. It was an hour well spent. Next time, I will watch CeCe Moore’s workshop “Genealogy Professionals Needed: Help Adoptees Discover their Genealogical Roots with DNA.” This should tie in nicely with the lecture I am attending Monday at the Alberta Provincial Archives entitled “Adoption Related Research...It’s all Genealogy”. I’m thankful that there are so many opportunities to learn and improve my skills!

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