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Document & Photo Organizing

Recently, I completed a project for a client where I organized and scanned their paper and digital documents and photos, and added them to their online family tree. It was a very satisfying project which I really enjoyed. It involved some traditional research as well, in order to add people into the tree when there were documents relating to them, but we didn’t yet know who they were.

This week, I have received a similar box of items from my mother-in-law and I am excited to delve in and improve my husband’s tree in a similar way. I am using Scannable and then transferring the documents to Evernote, adding source citations, and then adding them to my desktop family tree, and to Ancestry when appropriate. It really is exciting when you have inherited something that other family members haven’t seen, but you are able to share it with them on your tree so that they too can have photos and documents related to their ancestors.

I know what I’m doing this long weekend!

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