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Edmonton Area Genealogy Events

Most of us come to genealogy late in life, maybe even after all the relatives who could have shared stories with us have already passed. Wouldn’t it be great to spark the genealogy bug early in a child’s life, so that they begin collecting those stories now? The Edmonton branch of the Alberta Genealogical Society has a free family day event on Feb 15, 2016 to help do just that. The session is entitled “An Active Sharing of your Family History and Your Memories of Family”.

Preregistration is required. Details may be found here: AGSEdmonton

The dates for Edmonton Branch’s Tracing your Family Tree course are also up: Apr 2, 9 & 30th. (Full disclosure: I coordinate this course as a volunteer position with the Edmonton branch of AGS.) This is a great course to get started the right way with your genealogy research.

Registration details can be found here: TracingYourFamilyTree

The Provincial Archives of Alberta is hosting Family Day classes as well! I can’t find a link on their website, but their Facebook account confirms that they have the following free programs:

Navigating Genealogy Websites

Reading Room Genealogical Resources at the Provincial Archives

Behind the scenes Tours of the Archives

Pre-registration is required; phone 780-427-1750.

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